Send AIAS to the 2020 Midwest Quad Conference


Is my contribution tax deductible?

Yes. All gifts received through this platform are considered donations to Bowling Green State University and are thus tax-deductible. Donors will receive a tax receipt following gift processing. Any perks or gifts associated with your donation are not tax-deductible and will be itemized in your receipt from BGSU’s gift processing department.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card is charged immediately upon finalizing your gift on the site.

Where is my donation going?

100 percent of your donation will go directly to the project. All processing fees associated with your donation are absorbed by the BGSU Foundation, Inc. and will not be taken from the project fund.

Does my gift count as an annual gift?

Yes, your gift to this project will count as an annual gift to BGSU.

Who should I contact with questions about my contribution?

Call (419) 372-2424.

How do I take advantage of my employer's matching gifts program?

Visit our matching gift webpage to see if your company offers this opportunity and then call (419) 372-2424 to get the fund number for the project you are supporting. Include the fund number when you file for the matching gift, and the matching gift will be added to the project total when it is received. Matching gifts must be requested by the individual who made the donation through their employer

Are international donations accepted?

Yes, we accept international gifts via credit card.