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BGSU Firelands is shaping the region’s future with career-ready programs that are affordable, convenient and close to home. As the University’s regional campus and one of its seven undergraduate colleges, Firelands College offers students a unique opportunity: engagement with faculty who are not only leaders in their field but also accessible given the campus’ small, close-knit community. Gifts to BGSU Firelands ensure access to higher education remains attainable for those who will lead our region for generations to come.

Fund Designations

Firelands Emergency Aid for Students - More important than ever, the Firelands Emergency Aid for Students fund provides immediate support to students impacted by unexpected financial hardships that jeopardize their continued enrollment at BGSU Firelands.

BGSU Firelands Alumni Scholarship Fund - Through the generous support of BGSU alumni, the BGSU Firelands Alumni Scholarship fund supports student affordability for those who need it most. With the majority of BGSU Firelands students receiving some type of financial assistance to defray the immediate, out-of-pocket cost of attendance, support via alumni-based scholarships is oftentimes the award that allows a student to continue their studies.

Firelands College Enrichment Fund - The Firelands College Enrichment Fund ensures students engage a comprehensive University experience that is diverse in offerings, programs and opportunities. Contributions to this fund support initiatives that advance the University’s mission to provide breadth in student research and engagement.

Firelands College Scholarships - Support of the Firelands College Scholarships fund keeps a college education within reach for students in our region. These scholarships, directed toward students with unmet need, provide an essential resource for helping to make a Firelands education affordable.

Clark Inclusive Scholars Program Fund - The Clark Inclusive Scholars Program is an individualized post-secondary certificate program for students with intellectual disabilities. Students will typically complete the certificate program in four semesters. To earn the certificate, students will spend an average of 20 hours or more on the Firelands campus attending classes, gaining work experience, receiving individualized instruction and support, and socializing with peers. 


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