Support Our Student-Athletes - Football

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Support Our Student-Athletes - Football

Scholarships – Our Top Priority

To Invest in Success is to help us fulfill our purpose of providing our student-athletes with the maximum amount of scholarship support allowed by the NCAA. These scholarships allow the BGSU staff to recruit, retain and graduate outstanding student-athletes to compete in the MAC, and across the nation. We want to provide the resources necessary for our student-athletes to truly have a world-class experience at BGSU. Our athletes come to Bowling Green, from all walks of life, to earn a degree from BGSU and to play for the orange and brown. Education plays an important role in developing our student-athletes which can only be done by providing them with all the necessary tools to do so. Scholarships pave the way for our student athletes and our student athletes pave the way for our scholarships by always pushing the effort towards the future.

Invest in Success by giving to the Falcon Club Scholarship and Success Fund each year.

First off, I would like to say that I am blessed beyond belief to be opportune the amazing gift of a full ride scholarship. Second, without this scholarship I most likely wouldn’t have went to college and that’s a sad thing to say because I am a very intellectual young man. There are so many benefits that come with a scholarship such as having a meal plan, housing, tuition, and book money etc. to ensure that I am living properly. Lastly, I am going to graduate from Bowling Green State University with zero debt and be able to further my life for my close friends and family back at home and become very wealthy in a successful way. I’m am very thankful for this scholarship and happy to be a part of BGSU.”

 -Davion Daniels ‘23


Enhancing the Student-Athlete Experience

Contributions to the Football Enhancement Fund provide additional operational funding to the program and support projects that enhance the overall student-athlete experience, including: equipment, travel, recruiting support, international trips, summer sessions, nutrition, and other additional expenses. These gifts help supplement and offset the operating costs of the sport. For more information on how you can support Falcon Student-Athletes, please contact Senior Associate AD Dan Meyer at 419-372-7058 or