Student Leadership & Civic Engagement

The C. Raymond Marvin Center For Student Leadership and Civic Engagement 

Student Leadership & Civic Engagement

The C. Raymond Marvin Center For Student Leadership and Civic Engagement promotes student learning and personal growth, and develops communities that value all members. We collaborate across the university to implement innovative and student-centered programs, practices and services to support student success. From orientation to commencement, our outstanding staff members are committed to supporting and challenging students. Our wide range of programs and services are designed to enhance connections between classroom learning and out-of-the-classroom opportunities. We also strive to promote the development of leadership skills and intellectual abilities, identification and exploration of personal interests, and preparation for our students’ roles as future professionals and community leaders.

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Fund Designations

C. Raymond Marvin Center for Student Leadership - Your gift will provide opportunities for students to learn about and demonstrate their leadership abilities. Students are provided with direction on how to network, broaden their reach, excel in their missions and create lasting positive change in the world.

The Student Leadership and Civic Engagement Fund - This fund is dedicated to fostering student development in a safe, healthy, and inclusive learning environment. This fund was established to support the activities, programs and general needs of the Division.

Counseling Center - Through thoughtful, trained staff and meaningful programs, the Counseling Center strives to promote the psychological well-being of students from diverse backgrounds; to foster their development, learning and academic success; and to provide appropriate intervention when students are experiencing serious mental health concerns.

Freddie and Frieda Falcon Support Scholarship - For more than 60 years, our mascots have continued to enrich our institution and remain one of our most beloved traditions. Your gift will support our future mascots and this great tradition at BGSU.

Greek Life Fund - The fraternity and sorority community at BGSU aims to develop responsible citizens who are dedicated to lifelong membership and community involvement through our commitment to academic excellence, positive relationships, civic engagement and leadership.

Hillel Program Support Fund - Hillel is the center for Jewish life at BGSU, fostering a positive presence on campus, nurturing Jewish identity, developing leaders and enhancing a commitment to Jewish life that continues beyond a student's campus years. 

SICSIC Support Scholarship - The students who serve the campus community through this group are dedicated and passionate Falcons. Your support will help keep this unique, long-standing spirit tradition strong for future members and generations of Falcons to come.

Student Emergency Fund - This fund provides short-term assistance to students who are in good academic standing and experience accidents, illnesses, financial hardships or other emergency situations that jeopardize their continuation as students.

The Parents Fund - When you make a gift to The Parents Fund, you help BGSU improve student engagement, retention and other programming to enhance the lives of students.

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